Search Engine Optimization And Success And Failure Of Your Efforts

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Search Engine Optimization Importance and the various ways it can be utilized (success and failure of your efforts) Introduction When searching for a query, a search engine sends back a ranked listing of expert documents [1]. Assuming the query is wide, the returned list may be too long to view [1]. Studies have shown that users prefer to look at the first and second pages [1]. A digital marketing approach known as Search engine optimization (SEO) is capable of making businesses grow and page ranking improve [14]. Search engine optimization can be defined as a set of principles or techniques strictly followed by website owner or blog managers to achieve the desired result for ranking the page [2]. The search engine optimization has become an important part of the business and a compulsory marketing approach for websites to be discovered through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines [2][5]. The goal of the SEO is to: • Build seamless user accumulated skill. [5] • Transmit the site manager’s intentions to the search engines so they suggest the website for relevant searches [5]. Importance of Search Engine Optimization With greater than 3 billion websites on Google, it can be pretty tough for users to find a website, even still without regular users the site may not exist [7]. Search engine optimization is a verified method for increasing domain authority with on and off optimization system; it works in harmony with

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