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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is “a technical marketing discipline, the purpose of which is to make a website relevant, reachable, and visible to users searching for keywords and topics.” (Linkdex). With an average of 3 billion web queries each day, internet search is critical for a business to gain edge over its competition. SEO has become the standard for marketers as a way to be found in search to attract qualified traffic and leads. From a business perspective, SEO cannot be treated as a separate entity from a company’s overall marketing plan. In order to be successful, Search Engine Optimization considerations should play a role in guiding the public relations, development, and marketing team efforts so that reputation,…show more content…
Ranking is how the search engine decides to deliver the most relevant results to searchers (Copyblogger). This is accomplished by algorithmic functions that rank search results based on the best guess of what someone was really looking for during their web query. One obvious coding technique that is used to optimize search-ability is the strategic placement of identifying search engine keywords in the HTML title tag, meta description tag, and header tags. However, before a web developer can start optimizing his site for a certain keyword or phrase, he needs to understand what keywords are the best fit for his business. To do so, a web developer may use a keyword search tool such as “Google AdWords,” that provide targeted keywords that are relevant to a web developer’s audience, are pulling in a good amount of search traffic, and are not too difficult to rank. After a web developer has researched and selected which keywords would best match his web page, he must then start incorporating those keywords into important parts of the webpage. HTML titles have always been and remain the most important HTML signal that search engines use to understand what a page is about. Unique, descriptive titles are the most successful in being searched. The meta description tag, one of the oldest supported HTML elements, allows you to suggest how you’d like your pages to be described in

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