Search Engine Optimization ( Seo )

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It is no exaggeration that you live in a digital world and from that perspective it is imperative that your business has an impressive presence in the digital space.In essence, digital marketing is the future of marketing in the world with the added advantages that it is cheaper than traditional marketing and is measurable. Let’s list the different ways you can use the digital medium to popularize and drive conversions for your startup or business. digital_mkt 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In layman’s terms, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essentially tweaking your website so that it comes up naturally or organically for search results in Google, Yahoo Bing or any other search engine. Google updates its algorithms regularly so that only the relevant results come up. From that perspective, many experts say that SEO is dead and the effort is futile. However, the truth is that Google tries to prevent algorithm manipulation and filters sites that don’t deserve to be on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So there is no doubt you should invest in SEO work. Your website should address the technicalities related to content and query matching, spidering, indexing, and interpreting non-text content. Remember, it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that will bring organic traffic to your business. 2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the comprehensive strategy to drive traffic to your business, primarily through paid

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