Search For Identity : A Virtual World

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Searching for Identity in a Virtual World In Ready Player One, the creation of a virtual identity, or avatar, unleashes one’s true self. In this cyberworld game, one can create their character to be their ideal person: physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The virtual reality sets the backdrop for which the action takes place and the characters play out their roles. Interestingly, the gamers who control their respective avatars have within themselves some of the same characteristics that they have built into their ideal personas. Some of these characteristics may be exaggerated, and some, such as gender, may be reversed, but the traits of bravery, intelligence, aptitude, and heroics displayed in the virtual world exist deeply within these same real world people. The expression of these characteristics in the virtual world is an incitement of these characteristics existing in the real world. The interaction of the virtual experience enables the characters to ultimately manifest these characteristics in their everyday lives. The name of the OASIS for the videogame gives the reader a sense of its possible influence on the world around itself. People log into the OASIS daily as an escape from their dreadful lives. It is the year 2045, and there is “widespread famine, poverty, and disease. Half a dozen wars” (Cline 1). True to the definition of its name, the OASIS, is an MMO paradise that provides “a pleasant and peaceful area in the midst of a difficult and hectic
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