Search For Identity, Love And Truth

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Have you ever been woken up by somebody telepathically talking to you? Well, that’s how our main character, Thomas, wakes from his deep slumber. His life has been a whirlwind up until this point. His best friend died, he doesn’t know where he is, and he barely can remember his life before he was thrown into the horrid maze that changed him forever. So far, Thomas has lost his girl Teresa and wondered the Scorched plains of what used to be the Earth. His group of boys has suffered multiple casualties including the injury of Minho their commander. They have also encountered a clan who call themselves “Cranks” lead by a crazed, sleep-deprived, completely irrational man named Jorge. He seems totally out of it mentally but agrees to help…show more content…
This time, they’re forcing the children to complete the “Scorch Trials”. These trials are sets of daunting tasks that WICKED claims will benefit the human race if completed: “Continue to respond well to the Variables, continue to survive, and you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that you’ve played a part in saving the human race. And yourselves, of course” (Dashner 55). As the man said, they will have to endure the “Variables” that WICKED could change and any minute. For example, the boys ran into some inclement weather while traveling the arid plains of the Scorch. This storm, consisting of lighting and sand, ultimately ended in the demise of Winston, a good friend of Thomas, and left the once been “Gladers” broken and defeated. Love. It’s a very obscure concept to some, yet a very material necessity to others. The search for love has gone above and beyond what we would call “normal” in this book. Thomas, being that he evidently had a childhood with Teresa, has fallen in love with her. Her ominous disappearance and resurgence early within the book lead the reader to believe WICKED is attempting to pry into Thomas’ mental stability. As the story progresses, Thomas and the boys reach the Cranks, as previously stated, they meet their leader Jorge and his fairly attractive assistant Brenda. Brenda immediately falls for Thomas. The line between his love for Brenda and Teresa is blurred by Brenda’s cogent displays of physical affection: “’No, Brenda,’ he
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