Search Of A Life By Erin T

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In Search of a Life…

by Erin T. #30

You and your family are peasant farmers, and considered second class in China’s social levels. People treat you and your family with respect because you plant food for them to eat, a necessity for life. People are very thankful for people like you.
Your family consists of four: your father, who has a deep, rumbling voice and a strong body-build from years of farming; your mother, who has long black hair and a slender body; your sister, Xiao-Yun, whose name means Little Cloud and is in every way like one; and you. You love your family, and work hard alongside your father to make a living and support your small family.
You usually have good crops, to eat and to sell and trade. Your father knows all the best crops to plant at the right times, and knows when the weather will change. He can barter and trade the crops when needed. However, this year, there has been a terrible drought, and all the crops have withered. Without the crops, your family will starve without food and income! What will you do?

If you decide to stay, turn to page 2.
If you try to find a new job, turn to page 3.
You decide to stay at home at help out around the house. The drought can’t last very long, you think. It will rain soon. The longest drought that ever happened was in the Shang Dynasty, when many merchants thrived, because of a terrible emperor. You pray to the gods for rain and sun, and you also pray for the…
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