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PROJECT ONE: Search Warrant Draft Use the following fact pattern from which you will draft a search warrant. The scenario will include at least one issue involving the source of the information, one issue involving items to be seized, and other issues I deem appropriate. 1. On 18 Sept 09, Officer Steve Jones received an anonymous tip that Mr. James Fox lived in a house at 120 Verlinden Drive and is growing marijuana in the basement at least 400 plants. 2. Officer Jones, a drug investigator with 15 years experience enlisted an informant to check out the house and try to buy some marijuana. The informant has no track record working for the police but the prosecutor referred him to Jones because the informant wanted to help reduce a…show more content…
Officer Jones reviews all the evidence and decides to get a warrant. Today is 22 September and a check of Foxs bank accounts show deposits in cash weekly from $1000 to $5000. Mr. Fox does not appear to have other employment as confirmed by the State Unemployment Office. Mr. Fox gets from the State $1500 a month which matches deposits made into Mr. Foxs account. IN THE CIRCUIT/DISTRICT COURT FOR METROPOLIS APPLICATION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR SEARCH AND SEIZURE WARRANT I, Det., of the Metropolis Police Department, the Affiant, being duly sworn, request the issuance of a Search and Seizure Warrant and states as follows: 1. APPLICATION AND VIOLATIONS OF LAW: The Affiant hereby makes application to_______________________________ a judge of the Circuit/District Court for Metropolis for a Search and Seizure Warrant on the grounds that there is probable cause, the basis of which is set forth in the following affidavit which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, to believe that there is property subject to seizure under the laws of this State and more particularly in violation of the Criminal Law Article, specifically, the crimes of 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE PLACE, PERSON, OR MOTOR VEHICLE TO BE SEARCHED: This Application and Affidavit are made to obtain authority to search the premises described below: The residence to be searched is 3. AFFIANTS TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: In support of this application for a search and seizure warrant your Affiant Detective

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