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Due to the advanced technology nowadays, the use of computer is getting more popular in addition to that of the Internet. The age of users is also becoming younger. Most adolescents tend to stick to their computers everyday without caring the surrounding.

Recently, a piece of news mentioned that the post 80s are having the symptom of relying too much on web search engines which help users find specific information by typing keywords only1. They think that searching by engines can obtain accurate data and save time. They are said to have ‘search engines dependence’ which means that they rely on searching every word without thinking nowadays. According to the survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Centre,
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The most important cognitive skills include concentration, perception, memory and logical thinking. Concentration is the ability to focus the attention on one single thought or subject, excluding everything else from the field of awareness. Perception is the interpretation of what information is picked up by people’s sensory receptors. Memory can be generally divided into long-term memory and short-term memory according to the source. Short-term memory is used to retain ideas and thoughts in a few seconds as people work on problems while long-term memory is the ability to store information and later retrieve it even after years. Last, logical thinking is a learned process in which one uses reasoning consistently to arrive at a conclusion. In this study, I just focused on memory and logical thinking which are commonly discussed by the general public nowadays.

2.4 The effect of using web search engine on learning ability
According to the study from the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, more than 80 percent of students thought that using the information technology can improve their skills in finding data and self-learning. It can also intrigue their interests in studying. Besides, most people think that web search engines can help them access to their target links in seconds. It is a convenient tool in lives. So as to students, search engines can motivate them and help them at anytime while studying. They can be more
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