Search for a Manufacturing Manager at Nifty Plastic Parts

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MANUFACTURING MANAGER 3 The search for the manufacturing manager: Nifty Plastic Parts, Inc. Although the current, retiring manufacturing manager of Nifty Plastic Parts, Inc. possesses considerable experience and an MBA, this does not necessarily have to be an essential requirement for the position. The main requirements should be a willingness to work hard, technical knowledge of the manufacturing processes, and above all the ability to lead people. To select a candidate requires an extensive review process of the candidates' previous experiences (both paid and unpaid), educational experience, and paid and non-paid work positions. It should be noted that even if it is determined that an MBA is required for the position; these credentials can always be fulfilled by the candidate getting an executive or online MBA. Although skills can be taught character cannot. This is the philosophy of one of the most innovative HR policies of the highly successful Southwest Airlines. The innovative budget airlines' founder Herb Kelleher once said: "we look for attitudes; people with a sense of humor who don't take themselves too seriously. We'll train you on whatever it is you have to do, but the one thing Southwest cannot change in people is inherent attitudes" (How Southwest Airlines hires, 2013, Project 83). Technical expertise will come with time although it is certainly important that a manger understand the various tasks that are performed. (And, of course, at Southwest it is very

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