Searching. Ben Was At Home On A Saturday Night Waiting

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Searching Ben was at home on a Saturday night waiting on his wife. He had made reservations at her favourite restaurant. When Ben last called Claire she said she would be home in an hour. It had been two hours and there was still no sign of Claire. It was not usual of her to leave Ben uninformed. Ben’s concern grew and just as he got up to call her, there was a loud knock on the door. Ben knew it was Claire; after 6 years of marriage, he recognised her annoyingly loud knock. “Where have you been?” Ben asked. “Nowhere, I just missed my bus” she replied. “Well we can’t make it for our reservation anymore” he said frustratingly, “how about I cook something quickly? You must be starving.” It was clear Ben…show more content…
Claire entered the flat, he watched her from the corner of the hallway trying to remain inconspicuous. He silently stood with his ear close the door, attempting to eavesdrop on the chatter coming from within the flat. He could not make out anything. Just as he was about to bang on the door, he noticed an air vent near the door and peaked through it. From there he saw Claire. She was perched on the floor: participating in what, to him, looked like some sort ritual. A Séance. The woman who was leading the ritual was very strange looking, sort of, how you would expect a clairvoyant, or is it a medium to look like, Ben thought. He could not believe his eyes; never in a million years would he expect Claire to engage in such a thing. After all, they were both university graduates, well-educated people. Ben thought he knew Claire well enough to know she would never do take part in such a thing or believe in these rituals. He spent the whole day questioning why she would do this, but even after having spent the entire day thinking, he could not come to any conclusion. He decided to contact his therapist to talk about the situation and settle his mind on what he should do. His therapist was the only person Ben ever spoke to about his feelings and emotions. The only person he spoke about Claire to. Ben had told Claire about the therapy sessions and recommended that she could take talk to someone too; she rejected him and told Ben she would be

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