Searching For Identity And Personality

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Searching for Identity and personality

Howard W. Hunter former precedent for the american church society said “The greatest search of our time is the search for personal identity and for human dignity.”(Brough.m 1995). The search for identity is a key search for one to find an idol that can become a role to lead the lifestyle of himself or herself. Identity is to understand and define one self; developing a concept of the purpose of our existence( is a relationship between your identity and personality, whenever, a person released his or hers identity what he or she stands for it will be reflected on their personality. What gives us our identity? why we engage with others in specific way? This are questions that confront us as we lead our lives every day. personality is complex it changes throughout life time from the time of infancy to adulthood(griffen.p et al). Adolescence is the stage where maturity in physical as well as a development of one’s personality and identity, it is also a transition to adulthood which involves a continuous growth of character in a sense of identity(Waterman, A. S.341). This is the stage where people search for their identities of them self; It might become easy for some but not for every body. The sense of identity in Young children begins early as they were infants ( They know which is their favorite toy is and start to imitate others. it can be their parents or any body around…
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