Searching For SUmmer

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In “Searching for Summer” Joan Aiken uses details to portray the dark, negative, worldly mood and the happy, bright, and energetic mood of the different settings. The negativity surrounding the people of England, and the world, have drastically changed their whole lives and have made the world even harder to live in. A cloud of obscurity and anguish that was caused by war is blocking the rays of bliss and delight; however one couple is determined to find “a bit of sun” pg. 66 that will change their lives forever. The people of England are depressed and disheartened from the sinful, shadowy way of the world. The world has changed that “all heavenly sideshows have been permanently withdrawn” pg.66, and shows that England’s people have no…show more content…
The cottage and England are like day and night in appearance, mood, and setting, and demonstrates the contrast between a healthy lively life and a dull, dark life. When you live in the light, your healthy and fulfilled like Mrs. Hatching explains: “I Been living here these eighty year wi’ out troubling doctors, and I’m not faring to begin now.” Pg.73 When you’re surrounded by positivity your soul will be positive; when surrounded by negativity your soul will be negative. This quote is almost fiction. An eighty year old woman that hasn’t seen the doctor not once, when people living under the cloud probably constantly get sick. Sun is life, dark is death. Mrs. Hatching’s positivity has kept her whole she says: “fine thing if the sun were to stop shining” she is so positive that she doesn’t notice what others see; she is in the light and is perfectly fine in it. Once you find the sun you will have it forever. Lily realizes that “they’ve never even noticed that the sun doesn’t shine in other places.” Pg.72. Mrs. Hatching is comparing the life under the sun and life under the worldly cloud. She finally realizes that everyone should experience the sun, and have their life changed. They should all take advantage of this beautiful gift of freedom we have; to steer our lives under the sun instead of under the dark cloud. Living under the cloud of the world is no way of living. You have freedom to find the sun and change your own life and this is not easy to do,
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