Searching for His Identity in Novel, The Invisible Man by Ralph Waldo Ellison

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“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives.” (B. R. Ambedkar). Ralph Waldo Ellison was born on March 1, 1914, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and named after journalist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. In his the novel, Invisible Man, the main character carries around a briefcase throughout the entire story. All of the possessions that he carries in that briefcase are reminders that he kept from experiences. "If the Negro, or any other writer, is going to do what is expected of him, he's lost the battle before he takes the field. I suspect that all the agony that goes into writing is borne precisely because the writer longs for acceptance but it must be acceptance on his own terms." Ralph Ellison. The period of the novel takes place around The Great Depression the worst economic crisis in the country’s history, which left a permanent scar on American society and culture, causing millions of people to suffer and experience joblessness, and homelessness, for nearly a decade. With so many hardships facing people in this time they all wanted the same thing, which was to get a job and get back all they had lost. This led people to change whom they were and gain new identities to fit the new society. Throughout the novel, the Invisible Man is searching for his identity. At the start of Ralph Ellison's novel, we are introduced to a self-proclaimed "invisible man.” The narrator is portrayed as a

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