Searching for the Cure for Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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The human brain is a remarkable organ, complex chemical and electrical processes take place within our brains. They let us speak, move, see, feel emotions and make decisions. Inside a normal healthy brain billions of cells called neurons constantly communicate with one another.Healthy neurotransmission is important for the brain to function well. Alzheimer's disease destroys memory and thinking skills over time by compromising the ability of neurons to communicate with one another (Jannis).The disease triggers as two abnormal protein fragments called plaques and tangles accumulate in hippocampus, the part of the brain where memory first formed, and destroy brain cells. Eventually,after the plaques and tangles completely kill the…show more content…
The future increase in number of people who got their 80’s and 90’s must be caused mostly by the developments in medicine and medical technologies and also in social and environmental conditions. As a result of a direct connection between frequency of dementia and age, the amount of diseased will also rise significantly (Alzheimer’s Association 2010). Nevertheless, there are no cure and no remissions for Alzheimer’s. As mentioned by Newt Gingrich (2006) who is a senior fellow at AEI and founder of the Center for Health Transformation that it is more common to find heart attack and cancer survivors than Alzheimer’s ones. So, it is obviously explains why older Americans more fear the last one than other maladies. Have already experienced for today drug and non-drug treatments may help in cognitive symptoms as well as behavioral. These two are known as Standard Treatments. The cognitive symptoms affects in person’s thoughts, while the behavioral, or psychiatric, ones reflects changes in our feelings and actions (Alzheimer’s Association n.d.). The treatment of cognitive symptoms by medicines was officially accepted by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).These drugs effect on the brain via two chemicals which are very important for keeping our learning skills and memory in a good conditions (Alzheimer’s Association n.d.). The first ones are Cholinesterase inhibitors which communicate nerve cells and postpone deterioration for six

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