Sears Department Store: Annual Report

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SEARS Department Store Annual Report The report first opens up with a description of all the brands and holdings Sears Company is in control of. This section then diverges into a thorough breakdown of how the company operates, including a description of employees, competition, risk factors in the market, and a glimpse at the internal structure of the corporate offices. Part II opens with an analysis of common stock price in the four quarters of 2011 and shows how the stock performance has continued to rise for S7P 500 Index, S&P Retailing Index, and S&P 500 Department Store Index from a major dip that was experienced in 2009. However, Sears Holdings stock has continued to show poor performance in the 2011 fiscal year. Then, Part II begins to evaluate selected financial data, with a thorough analysis of the summary of operations and crucial financial data for the fiscal year of 2011. First, there is a general overview of the entire company performance, and then the report goes to break down the individual segments and brand names in terms of how they faired financially during the 2011 fiscal year. The report then goes on to illustrate how management and corporate executives aim to internally control the organization both now and in the future. There were a number of key factors that contributed to a decline in financial performance. Revenues for the Sears Holding Company were down from 2010, and were set at $41,567 (in millions). However, the gross margin for profit was

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