Sears Holdings Analysis Essay

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| Sears Holding Company | Individual Paper | | Gregory A. Squires | 10/15/2010 | | Contents HISTORY 4 Vision Statement 10 Mission Statement 12 Key Leaders 16 Organizational Culture 20 Organizational Structure 23 NAICS/SIC Codes 26 General Environmental Forces 28 Porter’s Five-Forces Model 35 Key Competitors 40 Competitive Profile Matrix 43 General Discussion on Stakeholders 46 Top 70 Stakeholders 47 Nutt&Backoff Model 53 Finn stakeholder Model 55 Internal Assessment 57 HISTORY Sears was started by Richard W. Sears in 1886. While working as a North Redwood, Minnesota freight agent, a local jeweler gave him an unwanted shipment of pocket watches. He sold the watches to store owners…show more content…
Also, with the popularization of cars and the construction of modern roads, rural farmers were not limited to shopping by catalog. The American city was becoming larger and farmers were abandoning their farms to work in factories and live in cities and by 1920 the urban population outnumbered the rural for the first time (Sears History, 2009). In 1925, Sears experimented with one store located in the Chicago mail-order plant. It was a huge success and before the end of the year, he opened seven more retail stores (mostly on his mail-order plants). Within two years, Sears had opened 27 retail locations. The retail operation grew to 192 stores in 1928, 319 stores in 1929 and to 400 stores by 1933. There came a point were in a twelve month span, a retail location was being built on an average of every other business day (Sears History, 2009). During this vast expansion, Sears also recognized the average families need for automobile and low-cost insurance. Allstate Insurance Co. was launched in 1931. At first it was only operated by mail but soon was available in the retail locations (Sears History, 2009). In 1942 Sears went international when they opened their first store in Havana Cuba. Due to shortages created by World War II, all the hardlines items were not available in the Cuban stores and soon they shut down. Sears also tried other international locations but they also failed. Sears began major
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