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Is Supernatural headed for end after Season 12, Upcoming season to have rock 'n' roll episode As the days of “Supernatural” Season 12 come closer, fans are getting excited but they are also apprehensive about the show's future. Rumors of the show facing cancellation have been flying around for a while but the cast and showrunners are optimistic. Cancellation rumors are in the air but fans need not be afraid, reports Christian Post. This is because lead stars Ackles and Padalecki have reportedly requested for a spin-off series if the fantasy drama comes to an end. Also, The CW president Mark Pedowitz has dismissed the cancellation stories. In a recent interview, he said that as long as he is the chairman of The CW, he will support the show. He also signaled that the show is doing well in terms of ratings. Notably, the cancellation rumors had emerged in the wake of reports claiming that the…show more content…
The show is returning to the old school formula to perk up the storyline. Spoiler reports suggest that Season 12 “Supernatural” will see the Winchester brothers going against the Men of Letters along with their mother Mary and Castiel. The angel will also get standalone episodes that will feature his backstory. Speaking of episodes, the twelfth season will have an episode revolving around the rock 'n' roll music genre, reports Game & Guide. Andrew Dadd revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the creative team of the show had been trying to incorporate the music genre in the show for a long time but it materialized in Season 12 only. He said that it seemed like a very natural thing to do as it is also the tenor of the show. He said that the opportunity came their way because “Supernatural” Season 12 will have rock star Rick Springfield starring as Lucifer's new vessel and the episodes that feature him felt really fun and like a natural evolution for the
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