Seasons Care Center : Hospital Mo, Off Of Woods Chapel Road

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Seasons care center is located in Kansas City MO, off of Woods Chapel Road. The center is nestled in a private eleven acre atmosphere with horses and wildlife wandering the surrounding areas. They offer a wide range of secure services form long term care, day programs, and respite care. Seasons is one of the few facilities in Missouri that offers care dedicated solely to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (G. Channing, personal communication, July 28, 2015). Seasons care center offers their services to any individual who has a primary diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at any stage. There must be an order in place for skilled nursing care from their physician. Residents must have a medical durable power of attorney,…show more content…
The program offers individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a secure atmosphere with activities, meals, and companionship with others. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy is available with the program along with interventions from the nursing staff. Special occasions and parties are hosted by Seasons for participants. Another benefit of the day program is it provides a break for caregivers. Alzheimer’s disease affects the whole family, and Seasons believes in being there for all affected (Seasons Care Center, n.d.). Respite care is offered for an extended break from the high demands of caring for loved ones. However, the director of nursing confirmed this service is rarely used. This is due to the facility being at its maximum capacity (G. Channing, personal communication, July 28, 2015). The facility is operating twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Admission can occur at any time of the day. Long term care is provided by a professional nursing staff at all hours. Seasons has physical, speech, and occupational therapy that is offered on site. There is a designated therapy room for residents to receive interventions. However, if needed the therapist will also come directly to the resident. The facility offers skilled nursing care on an as needed basis. This is a newer concept that has been adopted in the facility (G. Channing, personal communication, July 28, 2015). Nutritional services are provided to the residents with three meals a day, with snacks
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