Seatbelt: A Short Story

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BOOM! It all happened so fast! I arose to the worst sight and for a second I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. With questions racing through my head and tears running down my face, I wondered if being in a car accident was just a dream and if I tried hard enough I would wake up in my warm toasty bed. But I didn’t wake up because it was all real and nothing could change that. I realized that I could have easily died, but I didn’t. I choose to wear a seatbelt now because of the day that changed my life forever. It all started on a warm Wednesday night and since we didn’t have religion my friend Holly and I decided to go to vendors that were going on in Dyersville. So we all decided to hop into my mom’s minivan and have a fun time in Dyersville, or at least it was supposed to be fun. Sitting at the front of the car was my new camera that I wanted to use more than anything. “Hey, Holly, we should take pictures on my new camera,” I said, eager to bolt out of my seat to grab it. “Yeah, where is it?” “It’s up there on the floor.” “Well, go get it so we can take pictures.” While taking off my seatbelt I exclaimed, “Ok!”…show more content…
But just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better it turned for the worse. Suddenly, everything happened in a blink of an eye and my world seemed to have ceased. We were t-boned right at an intersection by a massive truck that didn’t stop. The car accident, which was displayed for all to see, was a monstrous mess. I saw both the driving wheel and dashboard were compacted, the cracked windshield, and the doors that were all dented as well as the two windows shattered on my side of the van where the truck hit us. The impact was heard as well as felt as the car jolted forward. We had flipped multiple times and suddenly I wasn’t
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