Seatbelts on School Buses: a Necessity or a Daily Threat to Our Students?

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In the late 1920’s, school buses and larger industrial vehicles became a popular source of transportation that started from Ford dealership owner, A.L. Luce. Luce had plans to extend the school bus frame (from a Model T) to accompany more students per one bus. As school buses and city buses became more common throughout America’s cities for daily transportation, safety regulations and precautions were put in place. Safety features, including flashing caution lights, visors outside of the vehicle, and motorized stop signs and stop arms were all installed within the next 80 years to make the journey to and from school safer. Although many of these precautions were taken, many citizens believe that not enough action was taken to promote …show more content…
“Lap/shoulder belts can be misused,” said a spokeswomen for the NHTSA, “that can result in serious neck injury and perhaps abdominal injury…” (Johnson). Since the year 2000, many finalized studies from International Inc. and Thomas Inc. agree with the NHTSA’s investigations, stating seatbelts on school buses are more dangerous than beneficial. International Inc. and Thomas Inc. are both leading school bus manufacturing companies that have had heated debates on the installation of seatbelts from the assembly line.
In a recent study, conducted in 2012, shows “three-point and two-point seatbelts do not protect the head in a forward impact. Abdominal injuries are just some of the possible consequences children face” (School). A term referred to as ‘compartmentalization’ actually has been tested to be safer than seatbelts because of its unique design on all school buses. Compartmentalization is a passive system that allows the space between each seat to be minimized and covered with four-inch-thick foam to form a protective bubble. “The child will go against the seat, and that will absorb most of the impact,” said John Hamilton, transportation director for the Jackson County, Florida, school board. Therefore, the use of compartmentalization will allow

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