Seattle University 's Goals And Priorities

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Practically, to complete all of your major’s requirement and achieve your undergraduate’s bachelor degree is not a simple matter. It requires a passionate heart and lots of effort in the process. In general, university expects its graduates to have certain kind of skill and mentality that high school or college graduates may not possess. Over 2300 graduated students have participated in a survey by AGCAS regarding university’s expectation over its graduates, and “over one third of respondents believe that the university has the main responsibility in preparing them for working life.” As a Seattle University’s student majoring in Electrical Engineering, in order for me to secure my future working life and mingle with future work…show more content…
Regarding this chapter, American Cultural Patterns claims, “Problem solving must be preceded by decision making. It is the job of the problem solver to establish what the barriers are-the specific obstacles that need to be overcome.” In contrast to the American orientation to problems, American Cultural Patterns asserts that some non-Americans may state that there are no problem at all, even when they are confronted with things obviously going wrong. When students are facing hardship in solving problems, they have to be reminded that they are the one who is responsible for their own grades, for the sake of their own future. At this state, students also will automatically understand why they have to take several classes that are in sequence throughout the process of problem solving. You can’t possibly solve higher level of problems when you don’t even get the basic one. Moreover, in order to achieve good grades, one must understand that those achievement comes with a strong self-motivation. According to American Cultural Patterns, “Achievement is kind of motive that has to be personal, visible, and measurable.” In this particular module, students are encouraged to attain several accomplishments that is personal and measurable. For instance, getting into the student’s dean list as a result of maintaining a good grades. The second module is ‘Exploring the Self and Others’. In this
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