Seaworld, California And Virginia

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Since SeaWorld’s opening in 1959, they are responsible for at least sixty-two deaths of innocent whales (Krushel 1). This number will only continue to rise if SeaWorld does not stop capturing orcas. SeaWorld is an aquarium theme park that has locations in San Diego, Florida, Texas and Virginia. The park has orca shows where the whales perform on a regular basis and receive much controversy. It is revolting that people still find enjoyment in watching these sophisticated mammals do tricks in a concrete environment. Though many believe that parks like SeaWorld are necessary for educational purposes, they need to realize that these animals are not here so we can seize them from their natural habitats and watch them swim in cramped tanks.…show more content…
The controversy of SeaWorld’s whale captivity is not only a threat to the animals themselves, but to the trainers and other whales in confinement as well. Three whales at the theme park had either agonized or even drowned a human, meanwhile, “It is not in an orca’s nature to threaten humans”(Orcas Shouldn’t Be Held Captive). The reason for the unexpected violence in the orcas is the fact that they have been abducted from their homes and brought into an environment millions of times smaller than what they were used to. It is unquestionable that “The artificial environment of captivity causes stress and anxiety for orcas, resulting in aggressive behaviors toward other whales and humans” (Orcas Shouldn’t Be Held Captive). Oak Bay’s Sealand of the Pacific held three whales, two females and one male in the same enclosure. Since the male was from a different family group, he was often harassed by the females. It is clear that the orcas at SeaWorld are not in a safer place than they were in the wild and should have rights to protect them from being kept as drudgers by places like SeaWorld. Even though the SeaWorld slavery case was turned down, PETA spokeswoman Colleen O’Brien said, “Today’s decision does not change the
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