Seaworld Documentary Analysis

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SeaWorld is a corporation that falls under Busch Gardens and allows homo sapiens to come into close contact with wildlife from the ocean. Their company mission statement includes “To apply basic physiological research efforts and state-of-the-art reproductive technologies toward wildlife species management and conservation. Research is performed to gain an understanding of the relationships among reproductive endocrinology, anatomy, behavior and physiological events such as ovulation and parturition. This knowledge is applied to cooperative captive management practices, in collaboration with government and non-government organizations, to facilitate both natural and assisted breeding strategies. Our cooperative management practices enable zoological institutions to maintain maximal genetic diversity and optimal social environments within captive populations. Tools developed through ex situ research on reproductive…show more content…
The documentary focused on the capture and enslavement of an Orca or killer whale named “Tilikum” who had an aggressive behavior before he was bought by SeaWorld. In Tilikum’s first habitat he was abused by two alpha female Orcas’ and eventually pulled a trainer into the habitat in which he and the two other whales drowned the trainer. Upon the incident they put Tilikum up for auction, upon SeaWorld seeing the largest bull in captivity go on sale they immediately purchased him. The documentary at this point brings to question SeaWorld’s ethical practices saying that the owners knew about the incident and put trainers lives in danger anyways. Cowperthwaite then spoke on the “deplorable” living conditions of the whales and other marine animals and how it has led the animals to go into a craze of sorts making them incredibly dangerous to not only people but themselves. Resulting in a class action lawsuit being brought upon
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