Seaworld Is An Unhealthy Living Environment For Its Whales

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Imagine living in a bathtub for your entire life. Imagine never meeting your mother, and living with abusive strangers. Imagine being cut off from the world. Unfortunately, there are creatures that live like this. And they are found, in none other than SeaWorld. SeaWorld provides an unhealthy living environment for its whales, and should be closed down immediately. This particular story revolves around a friend, an outcast, and a killer. November 1983. A two year old, thirteen foot long, male orca was captured off the coast of Iceland, using nets and explosives. Here, he was ripped away from his family, and the life he could have had. They named him Tilikum. He was then taken to, the now run down park, Sealand of the Pacific in British Columbia, Canada. His new home? A hundred by fifty foot pool that was only 35 feet deep. He shared this tank with two dominant females, Nootka and Haida, who regularly attacked him. The stress of performing every hour, eight times a day, seven days a week, gave him stomach ulcers. Sometimes, he was so stressed he couldn’t perform correctly. His punishment was food deprivation. His tank mates were also withheld from food. At night, all three were forced into a twenty foot pen, only thirty feet deep. The tension caused Nootka and Haida too lash out and bite him repeatedly. It was only a matter of time before Tilikum retaliated. February 21, 1991. Keltie Byrne was the first one to experience the brutality of Tilikum. The

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