Seaworld Is Not A Killer Whale Program And The Number Of Incidents

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Captivity has been a controversial subject for as long as it has existed. In the past decade, SeaWorld has been under scrutiny for their killer whale program and the number of incidents regarding them. Almost as big as a school bus, these animals are incredibly intelligent. Their brain’s are so much larger than humans. One may think that is because they are so massive, but body size does not determine brain size. Many animals much larger than humans have brains much smaller. Killer whales even have a center of their brain that processes emotions; humans do not have that. SeaWorld has taken social animals who swim almost 100 miles a day, to an introverted, almost immobile bathtub, baking in the sun. Nothing good can come from changing their…show more content…
after Kalina was removed from the scene and put on the truck and taken to the airport, and Katina, her mom, was left in the pool. She stayed in the corner of the pool, like, literally just shaking and screaming, screeching, crying.” (Blackfish). It is so poignant to read about a mother losing her child. To hear what it looks and sounds like is unfathomable. No one can understand what Katina was feeling, breaking the deeply rooted bond she had with her child. After the agonizing event with Katina, SeaWorld had again brought heartbreak to a mother from breeding with Kohana. Former SeaWorld Trainer John Hargrove wrote a book about SeaWorld and working there. Hargrove stated, “within five years of her stay in Loro Parque, Kohana had given birth twice -- and twice had rejected her calves. Her second rejected calf died within its first year. Kohana was too young when she was separated from Takara to have fully learned what orca motherhood entails.”(Hargrove 156). It is enthralling how SeaWorld has created three horrible lives; Kohana, who gave birth too young, and her two calves she rejected, one of which whom died, because SeaWorld wanted to make more money by renting them. These are living creatures and SeaWorld is treating them as if they are merchandise, renting them across the world, pasting their faces onto shirts and mugs.
SeaWorld continued to hurt more mothers and calves. Hargrove states, “19 calves were taken from their
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