Seaworld Is Not Capable Of Caring For These Animals

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It’s 2016 and we have people riding on hover boards, a woman is running for president and we have SeaWorld getting rid of Shamu. WAIT! Sea world is getting rid of Shamu? You don’t mean the most bodacious black and white sea creature in the entire world that makes dreams come true, do you? Well I am very sorry to say that this is one hundred percent true. And it’s all because of the animal rights groups that believe SeaWorld is not capable of caring for these animals. When in fact the theme park actually goes beyond the limit for animal care and treats their animals with only the best intentions. Because of SeaWorld’s delicate care for each and every animal, they actually get longer lifespans yet somehow people still believe that SeaWorld is bad at taking care of them. This is most likely do to the recent death of one of the most popular orcas and the recent airing of an incredibly false and biased movie “Blackfish”. SeaWorld loves their animals just as much as orcas like squid, I believe that SeaWorld is more than capable of taking care of their aquatic sea creatures and that animal activists and the “Blackfish” supporters are completely and utterly wrong. “Greatness from small beginnings”- Sir Francis Drake. This quote represents SeaWorld in every sense of the word. The underwater amusement park actually began as an aquarium themed restaurant and do to its mass popularity and amazing animal care it rose to be the 2-billion dollar industry

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