Seaworld 's Opening, Confinement Of Orcas

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As the highly advanced and intelligent primates that human are, would you be okay with confinement and being separated for a life time from loved ones? For many years animal rights organizations have found an issue with a brilliant animal, like Orca whales, being restrained solely for entertainment and revenue purposes. Those fighting for the rights of animals have mainly placed their attention toward a family entertainment company recognized as SeaWorld. Since their opening in March of 1964, SeaWorld has become well-known for being an aquatic theme park bringing families together solely for an experience like no other, while creating an educational purpose for knowledge of marine animals. With all of the issues that have developed since SeaWorld’s opening, confinement of orcas is what seems to have everyone’s attention. Their newly permanent tanks, mistreatment and or self-harm can only lead to stress from the orcas which has been recorded to result in harm to their care givers. This has become an important issue because both sides have found it difficult to come to an agreement on how this conflict can be resolved. Can orcas in captivity become be a thing of today for entertainment and educational purposes while keeping the safety and rights of orcas in mind? Despite SeaWorld standing behind their kind treatment towards their orcas, animal rights activists believe that statement to be false. In 1970, more than 90 orcas were stalked and herded into a three-acre net by

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