Sebastian Act 4 Scene 1

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We as a group chose Act 4 scene 1 which is about when Sebastian shows up and everyone mistook him for Cesario. Being that everyone thought Sebastian was Cesario, they treated him like he was Cesario. This caused confusion for Sebastian when The Fool came to him with a request from Olivia for Cesario.Sir Andrew was ready to challenge him to a duel thinking that he was Cesario. Along with being confused by these events, Sebastian thought that everyone was insane. When The Fool initially comes up to Sebastian to deliver the message, Sebastian was trying to tell The Fool that the message was not meant for him. The Fool thought that Sebastian was just joking around so he played along with it by relaying his message in a sarcastic tone. All while Sebastian is just trying to get The Fool to…show more content…
Also because we wanted to base them off their own original personalities. To accomplish this feat, we studied the text diligently so that we could get an idea of how they would be viewed by modern society. For instance with Olivia we came to a conclusion that she was a beautiful young woman, but when designing her we had to take into account that she was in mourning at the time. So we drew her to be young and beautiful, but a little skinnier in her features because when mourning she might not want to eat a lot, also we made her a little pale because she didn’t want to go outside much. With Sir Andrew, Sir Toby Belch, and Fabian we knew that they were viewed as drunks, but Sir Andrew was suppose to be a little attractive. So we had to put that into our drawings. With Sebastian we knew that he was the twin brother to Viola, and we knew that Viola was attractive, plus we took into account that he was a sailor. So we made him be attractive but gave him a darker tan and we bleached his hair a little
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