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Dr Sebi’s- Healing Cure

“Natural Vegetation Cell Food” coined by Dr. Sebi founder of the Usha Healing Village his native Honduras uses this list of purely non-hybrid foods as part of the Bio Mineral Therapy program. Dr Sebi’s healing program treats the body’s pathology as a single disease exhibiting many symptoms rather than a myriad of incurable diseases stemming from different causes.

Unlike allopathic medicine, disease of the body starts and ends with excessive mucous that stagnate and debilitate tissues, organs and body systems caused by over acidic high pH toxic environments first in the cells then building in tissues and organs. The cure is simple; eliminate mucous buildup by producing a highly alkaline disease free body system on an intracellular molecular level to produce and maintain a diseased free body system. Dr. Sebi further believes that African Americans due to generations of slavery, colonization and displacement have ‘lost’ their original nutritional memories and foods that are unique to their melanin dominated biology and unique molecular characteristics, that ’carbon based’ foods share a special molecular code specific to phenotypic differentiation present in African descendent DNA. Further stating that people of African descent must eat mostly tropical, highly alkaline, non hybrid fruits and vegetables whose molecular structure and integrity have not been mutated or tampered with throughout the centuries, in order to
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1988 he was successful in proving his “Cure All” claims winning a case against the New York Supreme Court. Dr. Sebi continues to heal hundreds of people, lecturing and traveling the world teaching his methods while sharing his products and amazing story. His healing center is located in La Ceiba,
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