Sec 402 Request for Proposals (Rfp)

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Summary Details The Board of Directors request that their information security strategy be upgraded to allow greater opportunities of secure cloud collaboration. Also dress the concerns on the recent number of hack visit attacks that have caused the network to fail across the enterprise. The organization has know brand products across the world and expects top-secret methods for safeguarding proprietary information on its recipes and product lines Note to Proponents: Please be sure to review the RFP document in its entirety before submitting proposals. Submission Format 1. Letter of Introduction • Preferably a one page document introducing the proponent and proponent’s submission. • It should include a brief history of your company…show more content…
The measures listed below are incorporated into the security layouts, and Shall be utilized to control and enforce access to the restricted areas. • Security officers will be located at each access point o Electronic Access:-Identification/access badges issued to employees and approved badge, this will be operated by an on-site guard, which will also be operated remotely from Security Operations Center. • Hydro Access Request: o – screening process for contractors and visitors • Security camera monitoring o security staff (Security Operations Center) • Control room: o Law enforcement o Fire services o Federal Police • Intrusion alarm monitoring: o Alarm central which would be a outsource monitoring agency o Security staff (Security Operation Center) this would be Federal Police that would staff it. o Contracted guards – which would inspection patrols around the compound o Law enforcement – would observation patrols Section 3 SECURITY SYSTEMS: The number of security systems designed to help fulfill its security mission. These systems complement the policies, procedures, and measures that form the security program. Electronic Access Control The utilizes a

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