Sec 402 Wk 5 Midterm Exam

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SEC 402 WK 5 Midterm Exam TRUE/FALSE
1. A SYN flood is characterized by the brute force transmission of requests for access to the target network, with the aim of overwhelming its capacity to receive them.
2. Computerized information is so tightly bound within the fabric of our society that its trustworthiness and availability has to be assured in order for our basic social functions to operate properly.
3. There is general agreement about what legitimately constitutes the right set of actions to deter hostile activity in cyberspace.
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a. inventory c. hierarchy
b. survey d. map
14. Any workable solution has to be ____.
a. elegant c. detailed
b. practical d. complex
15. A security infrastructure should reflect the ____ needs of the business as well as its business requirements.
a. technical c. maturation
b. monetary d. assurance
16. The role of ____ is to ensure that information resources that are needed to underwrite a particular business strategy are kept confidential, correct, and available.
a. governance c. risk analysis
b. assurance d. cybersecurity
17. The aim of ____ is to maintain an optimum and secure relationship between each of the company’s business processes and their respective information security functions.
a. formal governance c. formal auditing
b. informal governance d. formal planning
18. Instead of being motivated by a desire to prove their art, hackers today are motivated by ____ and political ends.
a. financial loss c. financial gain
b. reputation d. notoriety
19. ____ is nothing more than the ability to demonstrate that all reasonable precautions were taken to prevent harm resulting from something that you are legally responsible for.
a. Due care c. Due cause
b. Due security d. Due justice
20. The EBK is a product of the Department of Homeland Security’s ____. More Details hidden... Activity Mode aims to provide quality study notes and tutorials to the students of SEC 402 WK 5 Midterm Exam in order to ace their studies.
SEC 402 WK 5
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