Sec 572 Week 4 Ilab

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SEC572 Database Traffic Load iLab

Task 1 – Verify Initial Connectivity between Router and Hosts

* Run a Flow Analysis to update the topology. Open the Visual CLI on the ISP router and ping all of the Servers and Host PCs including the Attack PC Use the IP addresses indicated on the network topology page. Select the commands you entered in the Virtual CLI using the mouse and click on the Copy button. Use <Ctrl>V to paste the commands and output results into your Lab Document.

ISP_Router>enable ISP_Router#show ip interface brief Interface IP Address OK? Method Status FastEthernet0/0 YES NVRAM up FastEthernet1/0 YES NVRAM up Serial0/0 YES NVRAM up
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* Why is the packets/sec value 100 packets/sec? Explain.

Because utilization increased as the link speed increased _______________________________________________________________________________




Task 4: Bring the Serial Utilization % to less than 50%

* Test the Data Rate values by doing a Flow Analysis. Look at the WAN Link Maximum Utilization. If the value is more than 50%. Increment the link Data Rates another 64,000 bps and do another Flow Analysis. When you have reached a Data Rate that shows a Flow Analysis Maximum Utilization % less than 50%, then leave the Data Rate at that value. [NOTE: It is faster to start at 320,000 bps and increase by 64,000 bps until you achieve the Flow Analysis Maximum Utilization % less than 50%]
Capture the Flow Analysis window (<Alt><PrtSc>) that shows the desired Utilization % and paste into your lab document.

* Run a Discrete Event Simulation. Right-click on the ISP->Dallas serial link and select View Results. Select utilization --> (Report Utilization). This should show a utilization value less than 50 %. Click the Show button. This will display just the graph. Capture the DES Graphs window (<Alt><PrtSc>)

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