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Activities of SEC regarding secondary market:

Mutual Fund:

Bangladesh security and exchange commission is concern about activities of Mutual fund. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules, 2001 SEC can registers mutual fund. Later on 16 March 2009 SCE established Mutual Fund and SPV department. At present one mutual fund is listed in the private sector.

There are two types of mutual funds
1. Open- Ended Mutual fund
2. Closed-Ended Mutual Fund

The list of mutual funds in Bangladesh is given below

Closed end mutual fund
SL Name of the Mutual Fund Year of Floatation Face Value Fund Size
(TK in Crore)
01 1st ICB 1980 100 Tk 0.75
02 2nd ICB 1984 100 Tk 0.50
03 3rd ICB 1985 100 Tk
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Initially Stock Market regulates dictation of market manipulation, price range and other regulatory functions. To ensure that these functions are monitored properly, SEC keeps regular vigilance through online and offline surveillance system. Surveillance department uses online and offline market surveillance systems to find out violations of securities related laws and also find out whether any abnormal activities exists in securities transaction.

Recent activities of Surveillance Department:
Comparative statistics of abnormal activities in securities transactions found by Surveillance Department during 2011-2012 and actions undertaken by SEC are given below:

Financial year Number of
found Refer to
Stock Exchanges Inspection Enquiry Refer to
Department Refer to
Department Refer to
Department Refer to
Department DSE CSE
2010-2011 41 17 8 21 40 29 0 1 0
2009-2010 33 8 3 19 14 16 0 0 0
2008-2009 36 5 6 28 8 9 0 0 1

Surveillance Department has increased its activities through supervision of Depository Participants activities with daily market surveillance. As a result small investors become more interested about capital market.

Supervision and regulation:
Supervision and Regulation of Market and Issuer (SRMI) department supervise the activities of stock exchange. The functions of SRMI are:
1. Monitor the declaration of sale/purchase
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