Secession Of The Texas Economy

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In today’s society with so many disagreements between the state and federal government going on the thought crosses some Texans minds about secession. The movement, headed by the Texas Nationalist Movement and the Tea Party, is seeking to remove the state from the union and institute Texas as a new country. Many questions arise over the topic of secession covering topics such as economy, currency, population, and if Texas would be helped or hurt by leaving the United States federal government behind. It has been shown that Texas has a much larger population than many countries as well as gold to back a currency should it decide to create one. The Texas economy is extremely strong with a mass of exports and natural resources being gathered in the state. These natural resources tied with other products made in Texas give the state one of the strongest economies in the world. Even with all this knowledge the question over secession still persists. The Texas economy stands 12th in the world and stands as a reason that secession might be possible. From minerals to gemstones, oil to natural gas, and animal products to the creation of electrical equipment the Texas economy stands strong even when other parts of the world are struggling. “Among the natural resources are 16 ports whose economic impact on the United States totals in the billions. For the past decade, Texas has been the top state for foreign exports. Last year, they totaled $265 billion, according to data from the
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