Second Amendment Essay

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Second Amendment Essay Guns, used for a wide variety of things, such as hunting, sports, and defense. Though destructive, guns have their uses. But what allows citizens to own guns in the U.S.? The answer to that question is the 2nd amendment. The amendment states that citizens can bear guns, and that a free state should have a good militia. At the end of the amendment, the amendment states that it should not be infringed. Back in 2012 Obama was claimed to try to take away guns. Should guns be taken away from U.S. citizens, or even the whole second amendment? Well, the second amendment should not be taken away, because guns provide defense against attackers, state militias provide more safety, and the amendment itself says it should not…show more content…
Without guns tragedies may not occur both ways, in being attacked, and in defense. The second amendment should not be taken away because it also provides each state with an option for a militia. Over the past 5 years, that gap has rapidly decreased in all sectors. GPS and mapping tech, software, optics, etc has gotten smaller faster and cheaper at a rapid pace in the civilian sector, and in some instances -more user friendly by far.” Militia’s are a sort of small army, with very advanced weaponry that show that militia, and the military are very advanced. “Today, 23 states and territories have organized militias, most commonly known as State Defense Forces (SDFs).” (Carafano “The 21st-Century Militia: State Defense Forces and Homeland Security) The government being trusting enough to let multiple states have small armies shows a lot. It shows how the government and each state is organized. Militias also allow states to be separate from the government, but still be with the government. If each state has a small militia, they won’t need help from the government, while the government still controls laws for how militias work. Some may say we don’t need a small military, we have the army, or the police! But the army is more national, plus would take a longer time for help. The police help, but sometimes more power is needed, other than hand pistols. Without the second amendment, the whole country

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