Second Continental Congress Essay

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Second Continental Congress

“Give me liberty or give me death” were the famous words spoken by Patrick Henry in the struggle for independence (Burnett 62). He addressed the first continental congress in 1774 and started the process of American political revolt. This revolt eventually climaxed in the rebelling of Britain's American colonies and the establishment of what would become the United States of America. The Second Continental Congress accomplished independence through organization, rebellion, and finally declaring independence. This was the beginning of the American Revolution.

Britain established a series of acts to control the colonies and this became the main cause of the revolution. These acts enabled
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They also formed an association for insuring “ Commercial non intercourse with Great Britain” (Fiske 111). They prepared to send these arguments to the King and to the people of Great Britain. On May 10th a Second Continental Congress was appointed at the Virginia convention and it included representatives from all thirteen colonies.

The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. The men who attended were, for the most part, the same men who had appeared in the first Continental Congress. “The Adamses and the Livingstons, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Peyton Randolph, Jay Henry, Washington, and Lee were there, as also Franklin” (Fiske 132). The objectives of Congress were better understood in the Second Continental Congress, so more was accomplished (Burnett 65). The main goal of the Second Continental Congress was to restore harmony between Great Britain and the Colonies. Ideas that sprang from this were the establishment of rights and liberties, the repeal of the acts that Britain placed on the colonies, and the establishment of peace, welfare, and security in the colonies.

The Second Continental Congress’s first item of business was reading the documents regarding the capture of forts Ticonderoga, Crown Point, and St. Johns. Capturing these forts added to the colonies’

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