Second Generation Of Friends Essay

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For fifty years, the first generation of English pilgrims and Indians maintained peace with one other using a peace treaty agreement between Chief Massasoit and the Pilgrims. Thus, if either the Pilgrims or the indians went against the terms of the treaty or disrespected each other in any way, the peaceful relationship would cease. However, as the second generation of English pilgrims emerge, the terms of peace became forgotten. The breakdown of relations between the Indians and the English Pilgrims was caused by the failure of the second generation to maintain the terms of the peace treaty. In the second generation relationship between the indians and the pilgrims, new leadership developed. Josiah Winslow of the pilgrims became the new military leader…show more content…
A Christian Native informer to the English named John Sassamon had been murdered. John Sassamon had informed the english of a possible attack from Philip “According to Philip, the hated Praying Indian had told Plymouth officials on that the Pokanokets had been secretly meeting with some Narragansett sachems.”(218) A trial followed where three indians were charged and executed for the murder. According to the indians, the sentence of the trial was made unfairly due to the lack of evidence. To the indians the english went against the first term on the peace treaty “1. Neither he nor any of his should injure or do hurt to any of our people” (99). Therefore, this angered the indians causing them to raid and attack a local settlemet called Swansea and other towns that contained English citizens for revenge. Soon after the English retaliated by destroying other indian villages including a Narragansett Village. This caused a domino effect that drew othher tribes and all people near by into war. Therefore, the Narragansetts joined in on the side of King Philip. Soon other tribes formed alliances to help conflict emerge into the King Philip’s
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