Second Grade Patterns

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I really want to teach second grade, so I am going to use that as my grade level focus for this portion. Second graders are typically a high level zero or a low level one. This doesn’t mean all of the students are going to fit into this pattern, this is just a starting point for planning and such. It will be fairly easy to tell if my students are at these levels by the way they discuss the shapes when they come up in discussions. At a level zero, the students will just be talking about the shapes based on the connections they can make with objects in their lives. If the students make comments about how something is a circle because it looks like their basketball at home, that shows me they are a level zero because they are connecting the question…show more content…
When I have a student who is in my second grade classroom, I can look at how they are talking about the shapes in comparison to these properties. Fixed sequence- this is where the child cannot understand how to find numbers that have not been given to them. So, if a child needs to find a number plus one, they cannot make the connection between something plus something without knowing what the first number is. Adjacency comes next. This is when a child would use the example, a circle is a circle because it looks like my ball and I know that’s a circle. They don’t make the connection to the fact that there are zero edges and 360 degrees. Distinction is being able to have a clear understanding of the vocabulary that goes along with the lesson. “An example of this would be that a student at Level one will recognize a square as a square and a rectangle as a rectangle but not a square as a rectangle because they have yet to start analyzing the properties of each figure” (Knight, pp. 6-7). Separation is another thing I will have to be careful of as a teacher. This is when two people are not on the same level and they have a hard time understanding each other. This is something that can cause a lot of problems if a teacher is not careful! Attainment is the final property. This is what I will need to watch for to ensure my children are ready to move to the next level. I can do this in…show more content…
When searching online for resources, I came across a lesson plan where the teacher made a booklet of activities that incorporate the Van Hiele levels through play with the children. The book was for grades kindergarten through sixth. This was really interesting to me because it kept the communication open with the children and documented the change in the levels through worksheets and appropriate questions for those worksheets. This is something I would love to do in my classroom. I love the thought of incorporating play into learning while the students document their progress. I also think the small quizzes available where students look at the shapes and discuss what they are based on their knowledge is a great way to get a feel for where the students are. The levels for second grade are pretty basic and this is where the children are developing their thinking about what the levels are. This level is very important in the progression the students will have along their way to level four. I don’t want my students to hate geometry because they didn’t get appropriate instruction when they were
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