Second Isaiah Research Paper

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Basim masri
Gordon Brubacher
THL 217
April 28, 2016
Second Isaiah “Second Isaiah” is the termed used to refer to the author of the second part of Isaiah book. The book is also known as “Dureto Isaiah” is the work in which the author hides himself behind his message. The author of Second Isaiah is unknown and his strongest introduction is his message in the book. The book comprises of 40-55 and makes a prediction about the returning of home by Jews in 550 to 515 BC. As the writing, thinking and preaching style of the author is inspired from the prophetic traditions of eight century prophet Isaiah, the author is given the name “Second Isaiah”. The second Isaiah preaches the message of ‘monotheism’ and makes prediction about the rise of Jerusalem
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The major geographical references in the text are made to the desert as this is where the exodus would happen. The desert is the line of territory control between the two nations. The era also highlights that there was a power struggle between Babylon and its surrounding communities. The Babylonian king, a cruel ruler oppress the people and he has oppressed the people living in exile in Babylon. The king wanted to expand his empire and to include the area of Jerusalem. On the other hand is the ‘Cyprus’, Cyprus is the King of Persia. Cyprus is the God’s chosen servant to help the Jews to come out of their painful condition and proclaim the Jerusalem again. God bids, “You are my…show more content…
The Servant of God or Messiah will have commendable power and his power cannot be crushed by the Babylon attack. It also highlights that the power of teachings of God. The exodus will happen in the desert, but even the coastland of the area will wait for the message of God’s chosen servant. In an analogy, God chose Jesus Christ to spread his message to the length and breadth of the world. The influential message of God is spread on earth by his chosen prophets and servants. In this way, the second Isaiah is also making prediction about the powers of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, according to the Christianity, were the son of God. Interpreting this in the light of Second Isaiah, it is appropriate to say that God has poured his spirit in Jesus Christ, making him the messiah for the
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