Second Language Acquisition Theories

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This exam is open book / open notes; use any course readings that will assist you. You are welcome to talk with other students about the questions, if you like—in this way the course content is more deeply explored as you learn from your peers (and they learn from you). However, each student must submit his/her own exam with answers that are written by each student in her/his own words. The exam covers all that we have studied in our course. There is no word minimum or maximum; be aware that the quality of the response is of utmost importance, not the quantity of words you use in your answer. Keeping this in mind, answer each question completely yet concisely. Typical answers have generally ranged between 250 and 500 words. Also, you can choose to try for up to 3 extra credit points by answering the extra credit question listed below. Your response to this question must be thorough and well thought out to receive extra credit. Be sure to label each answer within your document (e.g. Question 1, Extra Credit, etc.). Be clear about where one answer stops and the next answer begin. Exams are due on Friday, April 25th by 5:00pm. Submit your exam through the link labeled “Exam” on the Module 5 page. Do not submit your exam to the instructor via e-mail. Essay Questions 1. Valdes and her colleagues did not want the native English speaking volunteers engaged in One-on-One to see themselves as volunteer ‘tutors’ but rather as English buddies to their young ELL
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