Second Language Adquisition Theory

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Introduction Over the past few decades, different theories emerged to explain how these children acquire their language such as behaviorism, nativism, and interactionism. The research on first language acquisition did not lead only to the previous theory, but it also led to the emergence of second language acquisition theories. One of these second language theories is the Monitor Model which was influenced by the nativist perspective on language acquisition. The Monitor Model also led to the emergence of different implications in second language teaching. Therefore, this research paper aims to answer the following two questions:
• How does the nativist perspective of first language acquisition influence the Monitor Model theory?
• How can teachers implement the principles of the Monitor Model theory in their classroom?
The importance of this research is demonstrated in the fact that it does not only discuss the theory of Monitor Model, but it also links it with the nativist perspective on language acquisition. It also discusses how we can implement this theory in the language classroom by providing some teaching strategies and approaches that teachers can use. This suggests that second language theories can be developed into various teaching approaches that teachers can benefit from in their teaching. Moreover, I believe that these approaches will benefit learners more because than others because they will have scientific basis and evidence from research. As a result, both

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