Second Language Learning And Teaching Essay

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Second Language Learning and Teaching Part 1: Summaries of THREE texts Having read ‘Languages in Aotearoa New Zealand’, published on March 2013, by Royal Society of New Zealand, I was able to comprehend how important language diversity both individually and socially within New Zealand’s community. Language diversity is a major factor in life, which is often overlooked and often underappreciated in New Zealand. Even though, New Zealander’s have a range of cultures and religions, as a country, we do not legally recognise these external (foreign) languages such as Asian and other migrant communities. Even English is not officially declared as an official language of New Zealand, even though it is the predominantly spoken language within the country. This hugely affects the countries individual and social lifestyle in both monetary and non-monetary ways as pointed out and “outlined by evaluating four distinct areas of policy (Grin 2004)”. These areas include, private monetary and non-monetary, and social monetary and social non-monetary effects. Language has also been linked to how culture develops as explained by “Hallett et al (2007)”, where language use was a clear indicator of health and wellbeing in Canada’s Aboriginal community. This Aboriginal community represents New Zealand’s Maori community as the European (English) are considered the primary community. Migrants whose English is insufficient, may find difficulty in integrating into New Zealand’s work force, thus
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