Second Life Case Study Questions/Answers

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CASE STUDY QUESTIONS QUESTION 3 There are several ways to start up business in an online virtual server. Second Life as of now harbored few to many online companies that does business online as a form of advertising or even setting up their virtual business inside the server by buying up “lands” in the so called “Grid” world. Of course, to do that, you have to buy the virtual “land” to start up the virtual business by subscribing to the premium membership on the website. By subscribing, several benefits can be enjoy including owning a house and rights to own a land. The current subscription cost according to the game website - - is USD$72 for an annual subscription, USD$22.50 for a quarter subscription or USD$9.95 for monthly…show more content…
A good example is like facebook. In facebook, you have the chatting bar that lets you talk to your peers within the browser itself. New Facebook layout has group functions that helps you pull in interested customers and let them see the “product” more privately. In any case, a free browser online social networking is quite cheaper to setup an online business than paying a premium subscription fees though nonetheless, less excitement in having your 3D figure runs around the background like in Second Life. To say that Second Life as a stepping stone for a way a business to conduct their activity is a bit blunt. Meaning that, the popularity of this virtual game itself has been over shadowed over various other type of easy-to-setup business over the net. More simply are like facebook, twitter, and other popular games like The Sims which are more attractive than Second Life itself. Overall, virtual games and platforms nowadays depend on the popularity itself to promote themselves in the online virtual community. Without the popularity, the community of the game wonʼt develop to an extent that companies would advertise their business in the game itself. Moreover, Second Life has been going on for a decade and seemingly reach a maturity stage to which more and more virtual game platforms have been develop along the way. Lastly, due to this, organizations and companies can use Second Life
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