Second Prohibition Research Paper

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The Second Prohibition With recent years, excessive controversy has been brought up around marijuana. The birth of this comes from more states pushing for legalization. Marijuana, as a part of American history, is now being compared to another huge substance that has associated itself with American history: alcohol. These comparisons are coming from anti-legalization supporters and should not be happening at all. Alcohol is not as regulated and educated than marijuana, even though pot has additional benefits, identical side effects, and a similar history to alcohol.
The saying, “A glass of red wine a day can extend a life” may sound like a comforting phrase for alcoholics, Alcohol in moderation can help decrease the chances of cardiovascular
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Over 2.5million people die every year to excessive alcohol use. Furthermore, alcohol is responsible for one in ten deaths of working age adults aged twenty to sixty four. Excessive drinking by the CDC is more than one glass a day for a woman and more than two glasses a day for a man. Also, drinking any while under the age or pregnant is classified as excessive drinking(“Alcohol Use and Your Health”). On top of the benefits becoming negative effects quickly, excessive drinking also comes with many more side effects. Excessive drinking damages the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and the immune system. Brain cells are lost along with loss of thinking and coordination. Heart beat, heart muscles, and blood pressure can be effected. A variety of liver problems and inflammations. The Pancreas produces unwanted toxins eventually leading to pancreatitis. Lastly the immune system is weakened, making the body a much easier target for disease and slowing the body’s ability to ward off infections – even up to 24 hours after getting drunk(“Alcohol's Effects on the…show more content…
Pot related crime has stayed the same. Yet they do not dig into these half baked laws. It is illegal to grow and transport marijuana while legal to sell in coffee shops. So while busting people for selling the drug has significantly decreased more farms are being hunted down and related crime has essentially not changed. Similar to Prohibition, marijuana would be used and abused considerably less in america with legalization. Related crime would no longer be significant and police can focus more time, energy, and money on robberies, murders, and other drugs that actually kill. The definition of a scedule one drug, the worse kind after two, three, and four respectively, in the United States is any substance with a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical treatment, and lack of accepted safety under medical supervision. Marijuana is still one of
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