Second Wave Feminism Essay

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Second Wave Feminism vs. Present Day Feminism

As a young female in the 21st century I am exposed to various events, actions, words, etc. One of which directly affects me as a girl. Feminism. Lately feminism has been a topic that stirs many arguments, especially since the Women’s March in January. From what I see and hear people think feminists are all radical. I think those people are not educated enough on the topic. Feminism is barely taught in classes unless it’s about women’s suffrage and the right to vote. What about Roe v. Wade or Doe v. Bolton on the topic of abortion or Corning Glass Works v. Brennan on the wage gap that caused the Supreme Court to consider an Equal Pay Act? What is the second wave of feminism? What is feminism? There
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Feminism is viewed as something bad but is it really bad? Most of the big battles women needed to fight have already been won thanks to previous generations but there is still more women, and men, can do. Feminist today are fighting against sexism everywhere. While commonly said or acted upon by men, women alike will do the same. Being told you can’t do something because you’re a girl, being treated differently because you’re a girl, being over sexualized because you’re a girl are all forms of sexism. You can even reverse the roles and it would still be the same for boys. Feminists today are also fighting a war against rape and sexual harassment. Kimberley Reader explains it further by stating, “A 2010 study conducted for Springer’s journal of Law and Human Behaviour concluded that 90% of women have suffered sexual discrimination in the workplace including offensive sexist remarks or being told they could not do their job properly due to their sex. In addition to this the study found that 10% of women had been promised promotions or better treatment if they were ‘sexually cooperative’.” (Reader). I would have been able to gain more statistics on rape but Noble High School has blocked anything relating to the topic. So when people are asked “what are they protesting for?” that is why. Feminists today are fighting to be equal to men without sexism or sexual harassment and
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