“Second, We Are Not Jivers. Do You Even Know What That

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“Second, we are not jivers. Do you even know what that means? We don’t do jazz; we do rock and roll.” Fitch glared at me. “Well, what should we call ourselves, then?” “Is everything up to me?” I let out a heavy sigh to buy myself some time. “How about if each of us comes up with a couple suggestions and next time we can vote?” Gary said, “That’s a good idea.” “Sounds like the fairest way to do it,” Deuce chimed in. We moved on to choose songs. “What do you guys know?” I asked. They rattled off the names of a few songs and I said Ginger and I could do them all. Then I steered them to the ones we’d actually practiced. The five of us worked on “Tutti Frutti,” “Why do Fools Fall in Love,” and “Rock around the Clock.” Fitch and Deuce didn’t do…show more content…
I’d already taken my drum kit apart and practiced carrying it to figure out how to lug it on the bus. Joe had solved that problem. While Ginger changed her clothes and fixed her hair, I hauled the drums out and stuck them in the trunk of his Buick. Ginger and I looked each other over. There was nothing glamorous about our outfits—dark blue skirts and light blue sweaters—but it was all we had that kinda matched. I’d given the boys strict instructions to wear dark pants and white shirts for our first gig. We’d have to shop for flashier attire later. “Are you going to tell Melanie about our surprise? Or should I?” Joe asked once we were settled in the front seat. Ginger stiffened next to me. She swallowed and croaked out, “Go ahead.” Because it was dark I could make out only the outline of Joe’s head, but I could hear the smile in his voice. “I had fifty copies of your record made. I’ll take a few around to radio stations and shops to see if we can generate some interest.” I let out a whoop. “Wow! Thanks! This is so neato.” Ginger thanked him too, then added, “It must’ve cost you a lot of money. It might be a while before we can pay you back.” “Don’t worry about it. I get the company discount and the royalty fee isn’t much. We have to sell only a few records to make the money back. After that, I’ll give you the profits and we can talk about how to handle the next one. There are some records in that box

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