Second World War-Personal Narrative

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Walking through Chicago with my precious grandson, I begin to reminisce on the War. The Second World War was devastating for the Land of the Free, though no battle ever took place on its soil. Food was scarce. Most money went to the war effort. Everything revolved around the war. “Where are we going, Grandma?” He grips my hand tighter and tighter as we approach the towering smoke stacks of the Orchard Place Factory. I cannot help but grimly smile about every memory I made in my six years of work at the factory. I remember the stress of building five huge aircrafts a day. I see the midnight games of poker we played, using our pennies for chips. Most of all I remember nervously looking in the mail room for any mail at all from my husband. “My home,” I responded. When working…show more content…
I was reluctant to look for a letter from my beloved husband. Once I reached my personal mailbox I reached through the thick dust and cobwebs; it had been months since the last time I checked for mail. When I pulled out an envelope and read the return address I could have cried. I opened it hesitantly. It read: 23 April 1944 Dear Annie, I have just safely arrived at my division’s outpost in Eastern England. My trip so far has been mostly uneventful. There have been a couple problems with axis spies, but nothing dangerous. I have been trying to write you more often, but the General only allows one piece of mail per month, as all of us want to communicate with our families. In my explorations of this country during my free time, I have found you a perfect souvenir. I want to remind you that I love you dearly, and I would do anything to come back home. I promise I will try not to assert myself into any immediate danger, but I must do what is requested of me at all times. With all my love, Nathan I am still to this day not sure if that letter should have reassured me or
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