Secondary Appraisal

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Thinking about the most stressful thing that occurred this year was challenging. I found t primary appraisal to be the most difficult because at the time, I could not identify the exact stressor. Thinking back to this stressful time I realized that without any knowledge of Lazarus model I was able to move through each step of the appraisals. Secondary appraisal, during this difficult time I did not understand how much control I had over the situation. Since I have been through therapy for many years, I thought that I was coping with my stressors in a healthy way, but I was wrong. I did everything to avoid my stressors and did not use my resources. My behavior of avoiding my problem at hand stop by a resource reaching out to me. I was able…show more content…
I finally had the courage to approach the professor, and he told me there was nothing he could do for me and that I should drop his class. I was devastated because I needed that specific class to graduate in May. This stressor was causing my other grades in my class to suffer as well. Thankfully, another professor reached out to me and I explained my problem. We decided that it was best to drop the class, and we were able to find a solution. Once my problem was manage, I was able to relive some stress, which led to me raising my grades in my other classes. I was able to regulate my emotions and not feel like the world was ending because of one class. Through this challenge, I was able to find effective options and I was able to go through stressor and turn it to low threat situation. Lazarus model was able to predict my behavior through every step. While thinking back to this situation in the past year I thought of other stressors that would cause me to diverge from Lazarus model. Would have handled the situation in the same way if there had not been a solution to my problem? In addition, does my time therapy make my coping methods more successful than a person does who has not sought help
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