Secondary Data Collection Analysis : Reasons Behind Amazon 's Success

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5.1 Amazon’s success:
One of America’s greatest start-up success stories is Amazon. Jeff Bezos launched the website in 1995 and he is now having revenues of $61 billion. At the start of e-commerce, Amazon was an innovator of delivering supreme customer service, which at that times was very rare. Amazon is an illustration of massive organising skills, the company sells an enormous range of products, all day, every day, for 365 days a year and is able to maintain over 80 warehousing and fulfilment centres.

When the dotcom bubble burst, the company Amazon was one of the few saved businesses. Within a year of the general collapse, Amazon declared
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The company understood the high importance of smooth and easy order process for their customers. Any obstacles could result in potential customers not being able to purchase the product and eventually leaving the website, which would lead to Amazon not making profit.
2. Invent
In 2007, Jeff Bezos decided to ‘attack’ the online grocery delivery business by starting AmazonFresh. He started the business in the neighbourhoods of Seattle and by 2012 had spread to other Seattle communities. From June 2013, AmazonFresh is available in some Los Angeles zip codes.
Amazon’s founder confessed that Mick Mountz gets the merit for the success of AmazonFresh. Mr Mountz developed an inventive technology called Kiva Systems.
‘’It consisted of huge Frisbee-shaped robots that could be steered via a grid of floor magnets. The robots picked up the warehouse rack containing the item in the customer order and delivered it to the operator. He picked the item from the rack; scanned its barcode to verify that it was correct; and put the item in a cardboard box with that customer’s shipping label’’ (Forbes, 2013)
In 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva for $775 million and uses it to help make AmazonFresh a success.
3. Be patient
The main characteristic of Jeff Bezos is that he does not expect to get it right the first time. He has learned that building a successful new business does not come from one big idea but it rather takes a lot of time to
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