Secondary Headaches

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A headache is a throbbing pain in the head which tends to be unilateral, spreading across the forehead and eyes. Headache is an agonising ache which could simply be a typical pain or it could be constant discomfort around the head which could be severe. (Wedro, 2015)
Headaches are very common with around 10 million people frequently complaining of headaches in outpatient practice (Kaderebek, 2015). The nature of headaches varies from typical headaches to migraines which need to be given more attention to. If the pain is relentless and is affecting their performance it would be advised to visit a health professional, to find out the underlying issue.
Primary headaches are not a symptom but rather over activity of pain fibres in the brain. Secondary headaches are due to an underlying problem from an illness. It is a symptom of a disease that activates the pain fibres in the brain such as dental problems, ear infection, and dehydration. A clear example of secondary headaches is spinal headaches which are caused by low
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The role of the pharmacist is to greet the patient/customer and ask questions and enquire about the treatment and patient such as who’s it for, what’s it for, what are the symptoms, how long have you had them for, are you on any other medication, have you tried anything for migraines. If they wish to speak privately they will be taken into the consultation room. Once the pharmacist clearly understands the problem they will supplement the medication or if they feel it is necessary for them to visit a health professional, they will advise them to book an appointment with their doctor. At the end of the conversation the pharmacist will clarify if they understood everything and offer the opportunity to ask questions if they have any concerns or confusion. The pharmacist will tell them to ring or visit the pharmacy again if they need further advice or
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